Re-establish balance in the economic, social and environmental equation of your business with the kit for regenerative economies. Demonstrate your commitment to societal and environmental causes while delivering economic value to your beneficiaries. Prove to investors and partners that you are a regenerative business.

Kit for regenerative entrepreneurship

The kit gives a holistic picture of your business and of its potential opportunities and threats.
In three complementary exercises you can:

  • map your business ecosystem (agents, boundaries, constraints, dispositions, etc.);
  • identify your strategic priorities;
  • turn insights into activities, roles and responsibilities;

In addition, we help you to set up an ongoing monitoring system to learn from your activity and from your consumers.

Use the kit as a one-off exercise to gain immediate understanding, as a monthly ritual for ongoing monitoring, or to structure the work of a dedicated regenerative unit in your business.

You can run the exercises with senior managers only, or extend it to the whole organisation, or even further to include representatives of your entire ecosystem.

Use the kit yourself, following the instructions, or schedule a conversation to check how we can help.

The launch of the kit is scheduled for January, 2023. Stay in touch for news!aa

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