We focus on giving support to social economy businesses and to organizations that are interested in balancing their economic, social and environmental balance.

Constraints mapping

Constraint mapping is an innovative way to identify opportunities for organizational development and business innovation starting from the experiences that your company generates in your workforce, in your customers and in your collaborators.

The methods are a result of our collaboration with experts in complex management and complex facilitation. All our innovation processes are tailored to meet our customers’ needs and priorotoes.

Landscape mapping

Reflect on your business ecosystem and on the value flows among the different entities that benefit from your project. Discover and formalize hidden challenges and new opportunities.

Business identity

Reflect with your partners, collaborators and customers on your founding values and on how to transform them into organizational practices. Perform a guided assessment of how your organization delivers value to people, to the environment and to your bottom line.

Platform business models

We support the development of responsible digital platforms with our platform mapping exercises. Discover your digital assets, as well as opportunities to engage in novel ways with your customers and with your service providers. Communicate clearly the core of your business to partners and investors.

Distributed Autonomous Organizations

Livepods partners with Hypha DAO to bring you the power of decentralized organization. Experiment with a small unit in your organization, or expand your business to include new roles and fresh support. Learn more by giving scheduling a call with us.

Thoughts and practices