Grow beautiful and edible plants “in your backyard”, following the Miyawaki method and the principles of permaculture. Give yourself and your community the gift of small “gardens of Eden” where people, plants and animals thrive together.

If you have a plot available, no matter its size, and want a garden of Eden in it, get in contact today! A beautiful, edible garden or forest is waiting for you.

If you are already growing edible forests, Livepods helps you to be more visible and to connect with persons and institutions who may need your services. We are looking for experienced permaculturers across Europe!

If you would like to experiment yourself, and you just need a bit of guidance, some information and essential books will be available soon.

Latest news on placemaking

  • livepods.base
    Livepods base started in January 2021 in full COVID-19 lock down on a plot that includes a one-story bungalow built in the ’70s and a 2000m2 garden in the back. The plot is located close to Wavre but still on the Flemish side of Belgium. The plot is managed by a team of two: Zuzana […]