The Brussels Chapter of the New European Bauhaus

We are co-founders of the Brussels Chapter of the NEB. The project stems from our commitment to introduce regenerative practices in the development of local communities. In particular, we are designing and maintaining the official website, coordinating the DAO platform of the Chapter and the advancement of the Beautiful, Together project.

Gardens of Eden

If you have a plot available, no matter its size, and want a garden of Eden in it, we can help. We follow the Miyawaki method and the principles of permaculture to grow beautiful and edible plants in your backyard. Give yourself and your community the gift of small “gardens of Eden” where people, plants and animals thrive together.

Thoughts and practices

  • livepods.base
    Livepods base started in January 2021 in full COVID-19 lock down on a plot that includes a one-story bungalow built in the ’70s and a 2000m2 garden in the back.