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Livepods is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It counts on a network of partners and collaborators across and beyond Europe.

If you like our intention and want to help, you can sign up to our DAO to learn more about our workplace policies, to access available resources, to take over open assignments and receive rewards.


Livepods has three bodies: a Compass, a Core and a Direction. If you decide to join, you will start your journey in the Core as a contributor or as a volunteer.


The core is formed by employees, contributors, beneficiaries and volunteers.

The core can participate to the decision making process by proposing new projects, work methods and policies. Members of the Core can decide the destination of 30% of the profits, except for distributions to the Core itself. The decision is taken annually after the financial report.

Members of the Core perform key activities in any of the roles available, and receive monetary and/or non-monetary compensations, depending on the reward structure of the project itself.

Members of the Core can structure and develop new projects, specify the tasks to be performed and the associated rewards. They can also accept to carry out activities proposed by others. As a decentralized organization, strategy and development are not exclusive responsibility of the direction or of a sales team: any member of the Core is free to select an audience for their project and work on a project of their own, as long as it is aligned with livepods’ intention and the project commits to generate more resources than it needs.

The Core has access to all the non-monetary resources available like equipment, work hours of other members, knowledge, etc. but must cover monetary expenses for consumables. The cost of using such resources is paid using livepods’ tokens (PEAs) , our community currency.

Core members earn PEAs by making non-monetary resources available (i.e. tools), by developing their own projects or by contributing to existing ones. The reward tiers for each project are decided case by case and detailed in our DAO. A list of available resources is also available in our DAO.


Direction supports and advises the Core to maintain the course of actions steered towards the intention. Direction formally represents the company’s decisions. Although crucial decisions are taken collectively with the Core and the Compass, Direction bears the responsibility for those decisions as well as for operational decisions taken autonomously. Direction recommends the allocation of 70% of the profits, except for distributions to the Compass or to the Direction. Recommendations are ratified by the Compass.


The Compass corresponds to the assembly of shareholders. It is responsible to maintain clarity on the intentions and to validate coherence in the direction. It recommends the appointment and revocation of directors. It can allocate 70% of the profit generated except for distributions to the Compass itself.


If you decide to help, you can work from the place where you feel more empowered, efficient and effective, in the time frame that you have available for work. Your workplace can be your home, a public place, or a natural context. We do not have a traditional office space, we meet online to update and coordinate ourselves. We can periodically meet in real life for work or to share some time together around Brussels.

Permanent assignments vs project-based collaboration

At the moment livepods can only support project-based, temporary collaborations, as it has no resources available to guarantee permanent assignments.


We are always looking for new contributors to give energy to our intentions. We are organized around four key roles, you can choose to cover more than one, with different intensities.


Dreamers maintain an open connection with the meta-verse of our consciousness to influence the multi-verse of our practices.
As a dreamer you are conscious that while we can only play with the constraints of our physical existence, we have an unlimited spectrum of cultures, rituals, habits and behaviors that can enable infinite versions of our non-physical selves.
As a dreamer you focus on the specific side of consciousness that longs for beauty and harmony, to bring regenerative practices into our material multiverse.
You are responsible to share beautiful, desirable, surprising ideas, undeterred by the conventions of our practices. Part of your responsibility is to understand what beautiful, desirable and surprising means not just to you, but to the other members of livepods and to the enlarged community, so you may have the responsibility to help other people to dream and to listen to their dreams.
Finally, you have the responsibility of devising strategies to make dreams come true.
Your role is complemented by the Maker.


Weavers create beautiful relational patterns with mineral people, plant people, animal people and human people.
Your opportunity as a weaver is to discover new peoples and bring them together to form a regenerative pattern, or community.
A weaver listens, discovers and connects.
You are aware that by weaving a pattern you may be preventing a more beautiful one to be woven, so you make sure that your pattern can evolve, or can be easily taken apart.
You are aware that some patterns weave themselves, therefore you’re only bringing threads together so they can self-organize into the pattern that they are meant to be.
You will also hold the responsibility of unweaving, unbraiding.
Sometimes, before weaving a pattern you may need to unweave another, reuse some of its original threads and discard some others. Other times, unweaving a pattern may be the actual goal.
As a weaver you are responsible of unweaving degenerative patterns, recognizing and discarding those relationships with peoples that are contributing to or sustaining toxic patterns.
Weaving and un-weaving are a continuum.
Your role enables the dreamer and the maker.


Makers play with the multi-verse of our practices and artifacts to re-configure, re-build and re-generate them. A maker transforms a concept into an experience, and an experience into a concept.
As a maker, you will build, assemble, perform, serve any combination of ideas, materials, behaviors into artifacts that can be recognized as a beautiful experience by the senses of your audience. Your audience can be any of the four families of people on earth: minerals, plants, animals and humans.
While the main focus will be on making, you are also responsible for unmaking, pausing and contemplating. You will not only ensure that anything you make can be beautifully unmade, you will proactively unmake anything harmful to the earth’s people. When you are not in the conditions of making something beautiful or regenerative you pause; when you recognize beauty and regeneration you contemplate.
Your role is complemented by the dreamer.


Healer is the central role in livepods’ ecosystem, everyone at livepods has a percentage of healer in him/her.
As a healer you bring harmony and re-balance energies. You are conscious of excess or lack of nutrition, of energy, of happiness, of resources. You focus on flows, their intensities and their directions.
In your practice, you (re)establish relationships among the peoples on Earth focusing on the beneficial effects that one people may have, to bring back balance and harmony into another. You may re-establish a connection between a plant and a person to heal the person or to heal the plant. Or between an animal and a mineral to heal the animal or the mineral.
While you prefer to adopt practices that can be experienced as beautiful, you may need to create unbalance and excess, to start a healing process. However extreme, unbalance and excess may never kill life. You respect life in all its manifestations.

For more information feel free to contact us directly.